Prima-Temp Announces Oral Presentation on Priya Fertility Sensor

BOULDER, CO -- Prima-Temp, Inc. gave an oral presentation of scientific and clinical data surrounding Priya, their groundbreaking fertility sensor, at the ASRM conference held this week in Baltimore, MD. ASRM is the premier education and research conference for reproductive medicine. Prima-Temp was chosen to be a presenter after a review process by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine review committee.

Prima-Temp's presentation, entitled "Passive Fertility Prediction Using A Novel Vaginal Ring And Smartphone Application," was presented by Dr. Donald Aptekar, MD, FACOG, President of Partners in Women's Health, on Wednesday October 21.

Priya is a discreet, wireless sensor that continuously and passively tracks a woman's core body temperature, detecting the subtle changes that occur before ovulation, and then sends an alert to the Priya app on her smartphone when she is most fertile. Priya is an over-the-counter, FDA-regulated medical device.

The research being presented at ASRM shows potential for Priya to predict a woman's fertile window 2 days prior to ovulation, based on a pre-ovulatory decline in body temperature than can only be detected via circadian rhythm monitoring with a continuous, core temperature sensor such as Priya. Data indicates that conception is more likely to be successful if intercourse takes place in the days immediately prior to ovulation.

"We are thrilled to share the results of this research with our colleagues at ASRM," said Dr. Lauren Costantini, PhD, CEO of Prima-Temp. "Priya's ability to collect continuous, core body temperature allows it to be both effortless and precise. Our rigorous scientific and clinical data show the capability of Priya to bring valuable information about a woman's cycle right to her smartphone."

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