Prices of popular compression load cell range reduced

LCM Systems have recently reduced the prices of their CPA compression load cell range, with some capacities being reduced by well over 50%. This reduction has been possible due to LCM Systems’ investment in a 1500 tonne calibration test machine, which means that higher capacity load cells no longer need to be sent to an external calibration facility. This has had a dramatic effect on the overall cost of the load cell, which has in turn been passed on to the customer. Not only have there been significant cost reductions, but as the load cells can be calibrated in house, delivery times have also improved.

These versatile load cells are suitable for a wide range of weighing applications and are particularly suitable for Centre of Gravity weighing or heavy lifting applications. Their stainless steel construction makes them extremely robust and durable, so are ideally suited to harsh environments and permanent outdoor installation. Standard CPA load cells come in capacities ranging from 2 tonnes to 1000 tonnes, but custom design versions are available to much higher ratings.

The entire CPA range is sealed to IP67, although fully submersible variants can be supplied. Highly accurate versions of these innovative load cells are also available for use as calibration standards, and LCM Systems has recently introduced an adaptation of the CPA that is certified for use in Zone 1and 2 hazardous areas.

Due to the wide range of industries in which these load cells are used, LCM Systems can supply many special options, including loading caps, integral carry handles, mounting bases and integral connector. They can be supplied either as stand-alone components or together with instrumentation such as LCM Systems’ strain gauge amplifiers, portable and panel mounted load cell indicators and controllers for a complete load monitoring system.

Steve Sargeant, Managing Director said “Rarely does a business have the opportunity to pass on such substantial cost reductions to their customers, so it is wonderful to be able to offer these load cells at such competitive prices. Because of its construction, the CPA is also an extremely adaptable load cell that can be used in many different industries, so there are potentially many more customers out there who could benefit from these discounted prices.”

LCM Systems are based in Newport on the Isle of Wight and are specialist manufacturers of load measurement and instrumentation systems.

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