Pressure Transmitters from ABB

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The 266 Series from ABB, Warminster, PA, combine pressure measurement with an HMI and provide base accuracies from ±0.025% to ±0.06%. The series incorporates inductive, piezoresistive, or capacitive sensing elements and offers a min. span of 0.2 in.H2O with a 4 in. H2O upper range limit (URL), an infield replaceable communications board, through the glass (TTG) technology to let you configure the device without opening the cover, plugged impulse line detection (PILD) on HART, highly reliable diaphragm seals, and a local HMI display for configuring the transmitter. PILD capability is also available on Foundation Fieldbus.

Contact Info

Company: ABB
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-829-6001

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