Pressure Transmitters Drill For Oil

Pressure Transmitters Drill For Oil

Standing up to the demanding shock and vibration and installation challenges of the oilfield, the Models 170/270/370/570 WECO “Hammer” Union Series pressure transmitters are available in standard ranges from 0 to 1000 psi thru 0 to 20K psi (69 thru 1,379 BAR). Standard accuracies are less than ±0.25% FSO and an optional higher-accuracy specification of less than ±0.10% FSO is available. The Model 170/270/370/570 Series is available with four unique signal outputs: 3 mV/V for Model 170; 0 to 5 Vdc for Model 270; 4-20 mA for Model 370; and CANbus SAE J1939 for Model 570. Additionally, the components offer mechanical compatibility with WECO 2” 1502, 2002, 2202, and 602 wing union fittings. For more details, go to  

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