Pressure Transmitter Pairs With Pressure Switch

Pressure Transmitter Pairs With Pressure Switch
Trafag, Inc.

The DPC/DPS embarks as a next-generation electronic pressure switch and transmitter combo with local display. The device offers two adjustable pressure switching functions as well as analog or voltage outputs, changeable by the end user. Parameters can be adjusted and information logged via smart phone and utilizing the company's NFC smart phone app. A rotatable local viewing display offers different units of measure to select from and can be rotated for easy line of sight. The instrument can be mounted upside down as the viewing window display will automatically adjust. Additionally, the unit is designed for OEM and test bench use at pressure ranges from 0 to 8,700 psi.

Sensors Expo Midwest Booth # 818

Trafag, Inc.
Charlotte, NC
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Company: Trafag, Inc.
Country: United States (USA)

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