Pressure Transducer/Switch Packs Patented 360º Display

Pressure Transducer/Switch Packs Patented 360º Display
Transducers Direct LLC

The TDEPD electronic pressure transducer/switch integrates a patented, programmable 360º marquee display that can be set to revolve, hold at a fixed angle, or be inverted for upside down installations of the sensor. Selectable red/green display colors allow the sensor to be programmed to provide a variety of visual cues signaling the pressure, condition, and readiness of a fluid power system. OEM/private-labeled models can even be programmed with custom displays. Other features include proprietary Spike Monitoring Technology (SMT), a sub-millisecond update time, field-selectable industry-standard outputs, and redundant sensing elements. Sealed to IP67, it is suitable for automotive stamping presses, mobile hydraulic equipment, injection-molding machinery, rolling mills, amusement park rides, timber processing equipment, and similar applications. The TDEPD is shock rated to 50g and accurate to within 0.5% of its maximum operating pressure of 10,000 psi (689 bar). It is fully compensated for temperature over its entire operating range of -40° to +85°C. A datasheet is available at

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