Pressure Transducer from American Sensor Technologies

Pressure Transducer from American Sensor Technologies
American Sensor Technologies (AST) Inc.

The AST20HA from American Sensor Technologies (AST) Inc., Mt. Olive, NJ, is a digitally compensated, CE-approved, high-accuracy pressure transducer for use in test stands, hydrogen filling stations, medical laboratories, and military/aerospace vehicles and equipment. The sensor's ASIC design provides real-time thermal compensation and linearity correction. Features include one-piece SS construction, no internal O-rings, 100 V/m of EMI/RFI protection, and low operating strain of the diaphragm for good nonrepeatability and long-term stability. Pressure ranges are from 0–25 psi through 0–10,000 psi and in compound ranges up to 2500 psi. Output options include 4–20 mA, 1–5 V, 1–10 V, and 0.5–4.5 V ratiometric.

Contact Info

Company: American Sensor Technologies (AST) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 973-448-1901
Fax: 973-448-1905

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