Pressure Transducer Is Compact, Lightweight, And Flight Qualified

Pressure Transducer Is Compact, Lightweight, And Flight Qualified
GP:50 Corp. LTD

Groomed for use in UAVs, launch vehicles, and commercial aviation, the Model 7202 flight-qualified pressure transducer effectively measures static pressures from 0 to 15k PSIA (0 to 1034 BAR) with ±0.30% FSO accuracy. Improved accuracy to ±0.05% FSO is optional. A 0.1 to 5.1-Vdc output is standard with other formats available upon request. Units incorporate stainless steel housings and 15-5 wetted parts. Inconel or Hastelloy material may be also optionally customer-specified for wider transducer media compatibility. The Model 7202 is also offered with an optional compensated temperature range from -65°F to +250°F as well as an optional integral RTD temperature output. Additionally, the unit measures 38.09 mm in length and weighs less than 141.7g. Its overall design meets both MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461, as well as J-001/NASA 8739.3 soldering workmanship standards. A datasheet is available at  

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