Pressure Sensors "Soar" as an effective and versatile Flight Testing tool

Northridge, CA – Improving passenger air safety and aiding in military applications, Validyne's P55 Pressure Transducers measure changes in everything from low pressure systems and noise cancellation, to helium pressure in Aerostats and HVAC pressures functions, to drone testing for the military. According to Paul Muller, Validyne's Director of Sales & Marketing "With an increased public interest in passenger safety, Aircraft and Aerospace companies are searching for better ways to measure environmental changes inside and outside of the aircraft. Validyne is dedicated to providing the sensors and related systems that aid in collecting more detailed flight test data.”

A World Leader in Variable Reluctance Technology (VRT) since 1968, Validyne has a rich history of providing standard and custom solutions to the Aerospace industry.

Airbus A380

Validyne pressure transducers have been used in a wide variety of aircraft flight test applications. Our Model P855 was used in the prototype Airbus A308. These transducers were designed to measure low pressures, +/-35 mBar, and operate over wide temperature ranges -20 to +70C. In addition, each P855 communicated over RS485 serial data lines. The transducers were delivered while the first A380 was built in sections. When the sections were assembled into the first operation aircraft, the sensors were already embedded inside. Building the flight test sensors into the prototype saved over a year – normally a prototype aircraft is flown, then test instrumentation installed – a time consuming process.

Bombardier – Noise Cancelling System

The Validyne P55 transducers were installed in short range Bombardier aircraft as part of a noise-cancelling system in the passenger cabin. The fast response time and high sensitivity to low pressures allowed the detection of noise and air movement. This was used to trigger the noise cancellation.

Lockheed Martin Aerostat

Radar systems deployed in remote areas use a large helium balloon – or aerostat – to lift radar antennas to improve range. The Validyne P55 has been used to monitor the helium pressure inside the aerostat to insure that it will remain aloft.

Gulfstream Private Jets

The Validyne P55 has been used by Gulfstream and Honda aircraft in flight testing to determine HVAC functions and air pressures inside air and heater ducts.

Other Government Programs

The Validyne P55 has been used in classified military flight testing of drones and other aircraft.

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