Pressure Sensors Improve Spirometer Testing Accuracy

Superior Sensor Technology’s SP Series differential pressure sensors for spirometers and other lung or pulmonary testing devices. eliminate zero drift, a common metric for sensor performance. The sensors are based on the company’s broad dynamic range sensor programmable architecture, NimbleSense and incorporate a proprietary technology called Z-Track to improve zero reading stability and offer up to 10 times better accuracy than competing sensor. 

The user programmable SP Series Sensors use the NimbleSense architecture to achieve a very high dynamic range while additionally offering precise near zero measurement to support the demanding functional requirements of spirometer devices. The NimbleSense architecture is an integrated platform combining advanced piezoresistive sensing elements, acquisition path, processing intelligence and proprietary integration techniques.

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The user programmable sensors support a broad range of pressure options from 250 Pa to 40 kPa full scale and specify a Total Error Band (TEB) of less than 0.15% Full Scale Span (FSS) while maintaining 0.10% accuracy at every range. The SP Series Sensors also capitalize on Superior Sensor Technology’s Multi-Range programmable technology that enables each sensor to support any one of four distinct pressure full scale range options and still maintain the industry’s highest performance at every calibrated pressure range, offering significant manufacturing, installation and inventory cost savings. 

For more details, visit Superior Sensor Technology Spirometry.

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