Pressure Sensors Have No Limits


LORD Sensing’s EVO design platform-driven LS Series pressure transducers and transmitters promise to provide unlimited combinations of configurations without sacrificing performance and reliability. The company now offers a turnaround of four weeks or less with the new LS Series product line.


The LS Series pressure transducers and transmitters are the first installment of LORD Sensing, Stellar Technology’s new “EVO” product platform of highly configurable pressure sensors. The series allows users to choose a configuration that best fits the needs of their application. Features and options include:  

•    “Low Level” (mV/V) and amplified (voltage or current) output in either standard (+/- 0.2) or

       high (+/- 0.1) % full scale output (FSO) accuracy configurations

•    Pressure ranges from 7 to 20,000 psi (gage, absolute or sealed)

•    Operating Temperature Range -65°F to +250°F

•    Hermetically sealed, laser welded, stainless steel enclosures incorporating enhanced shock and vibration and EMI isolation

•    All variations fit in standard 1” diameter SS housing

•    19-point factory calibration traceable to NIST as a standard option

•    Product deliveries of 4 weeks or less apply to all LS Series configurations


For more details, take a look at the LS Series product page and the LS Series datasheet.