Pressure Sensors from Measurement Specialties

Pressure Sensors from Measurement Specialties
Measurement Specialties Inc.

Measurement Specialties Inc., Fremont, CA, offers the PC board-mountable Models 4425 and 4426 temperature-compensated, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors. The Model 4425 has dual pressure ports on the side and offers differential or absolute pressure measurement. The Model 4426 has a single top-mounted vertical pressure port and offers gauge or absolute pressure measurement. Ranges are 0–1 psi to 0–100 psi. Intended for use in cost-sensitive medical devices in which performance and long-term stability are required, such as respirators, gas monitoring, oxygen conservers, and sleep apnea machines, the sensors are also suited for use in for altitude/airspeed measurement, process control, factory automation, and leak detection.

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Company: Measurement Specialties Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-745-8008

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