Pressure Sensors from Kavlico

Pressure Sensors from Kavlico
Kavlico Corp.

The P500, P265, P4055/P4056, and P255 high-accuracy pressure sensors from Kavlico, Moorpark, CA, are suited for standby power applications such as monitoring engine oil, fuel, and exhaust back pressure; diesel particulate filter pressure; and barometric pressure. The sensors operate on 5 VDC and provide a linear amplified 0.5–4.5 VDC output proportional to pressure. The P500 is a high-performance OEM pressure sensor, the P265 is a general-purpose sensor, the P4055/P4056 are low-cost OEM pressure sensors, and the P255 is a general-purpose ceramic capacitive pressure sensor. Packages can be specified in SS, brass, or plated steel and sensors can be configured with a variety of process and electrical connectors.

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Company: Kavlico Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 805-523-2000
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