Pressure Sensors Employ Hastelloy Materials

Hastelloy C276

To meet industry regulations for process chemical apps, American Sensor Technologies (AST) constructs its pressure sensors from Hastelloy C276 (N10276) material. In the oil production and process industries, NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 and NACE MR0103 regulations allow for the use of Hastelloy C276 with liquids and gases that come in contact with materials that can cause sulfide stress cracking or stress cracking corrosion. The company claims to use the thickest Hastelloy diaphragm and a low operating strain to create a sensor that offers long term pressure measurement. With the diaphragm being the thinnest and most critical piece of a pressure transducer, a thick diaphragm ensures it will withstand a long-term installation. Utilizing its exclusive Krystal Bond Technology, AST designs its pressure sensors as a monolithic piece of material with no welds, O-rings, or fluid fills.  Bulk silicon strain gages mount directly to the top of the metal diaphragm using a special glass firing process. Hastelloy pressure sensors are available from 2.5 psi to 10,000 psi. 


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