Pressure Sensor Roundup, Part Two

Smart Pressure Sensor Takes A Load Off The Host

Freescale's Xtrinsic MPL3115A2 smart pressure sensor can process data locally, reducing communications required with the host processor. It provides precise pressure and altitude data with a variable sampling rate capability and low-power consumption. Features include a resolution of less than 1 foot / 0.3m, pressure range from 20 kPa to 110 kPa, compensated, direct reading, meaning software is not necessary, 20-bit pressure measurements in Pascals, 20-bit altitude measurements in meters, 12-bit temperature measurements, on-board intelligence, and a sampling rate up to 128 Hz.


Freescale Semiconductor Inc.
Austin, TX

Media Isolated Pressure Sensor Is Quite Versatile

Measurement Specialties 14-bit 85BSD media isolated digital output pressure sensor is flexible enough to handle a wide variety of apps. A few include level controls, tank level measurement, corrosive liquid or gas measurement systems, OEM equipment, sealed systems, manifold pressure measurement, barometric pressure measurement, and submersible depth monitoring. Sporting a diaphragm measuring 13-mm in diameter, the ASIC calibrated piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor is employs silicone oil to transfer pressure from its 316L stainless steel diaphragm to its sensing element.

Specs include a pressure range of 5 psi to 300 psi in either absolute or gage reference type, operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C, pressure and temperature read-out capabilities, ±0.25% accuracy, ±1.0 TEB (Total Error Band), and a digital output of 10% to 90% or 5% to 95% in I²C or SPI interface protocols. Optional configurations include a supply voltage of 3.3 Vdc or 5 Vdc, pads or a cable/connector, and a low power option.

Measurement Specialties Inc.
Hampton, VA
[email protected]
Barometric Pressure Transmitter Delivers A Fast Response

Omega’s PX2780 high accuracy barometric pressure transducers are designed for requiring both accuracy and a fast dynamic response. The sensor and electronics are packaged in a rugged stainless steel and polyester case. A removable 5-pin terminal strip makes fast and secure connections. Specs include a response time of less than 100 ms, resolution of 0.1 hPa (mb), long term stability of less than ±0.1 hPa (mb)/year, a proof pressure of 1,500 hPa (mb), burst pressure of 2,000 hPa (mb), and an operating temperature from -40°C to +60°C.

Stamford, CT
[email protected]

Silicon MEMs Strain Gage Provides Hermetic Pressure Sensing

Sporting a hermetic design that makes it compatible with most any media, Sensata Technologies’ 3PP8 series transducer is a silicon MEMs strain gage sensor, glass bonded to a stainless steel diaphragm. Designed to operate with a 5 Vdc supply, it provides a linear voltage output and includes digital temperature compensation, EEPROM memory, and a self-diagnostic capability. Specs include pressure ranges from 0 to 500 psi and 0 to 5,000 psi, an accuracy of ±0.7% at +25°C, and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C.

Sensata Technologies Inc.
Attleboro, MA
Pressure Sensor Integrates Amp And Compensation

Panasonic’s PS-A pressure sensor features an integrated amplifier and compensating circuit. Features include an overall accuracy of ±1.25% FS for a standard type, ±4% FS for the economy type, and ±2.5% FS for a low-pressure type. Depending on the type, pressure ranges span from 6 kP to ±100 kPa and up to 1,000 kPa. Apps include, depending on the type, pressure switches and pneumatic devices, blood-pressure monitors, compressed air pressure measurement, air beds and other pneumatically operated pressure devices, and water level detection for household appliances.


Panasonic Electric Works Corp.
Newark, NJ
Differential Pressure Sensors Go Digital

Lauded as the first digital, dynamic differential pressure sensors, the SDP600 series from Sensirion has a digital I²C output and remains both sensitive and accurate even at differential pressures lower than 10 Pa. Fully calibrated and temperature compensated, the sensors are available in different versions.

The SDP600 is intended for a direct threaded connection to a pressure manifold via O-ring sealing, while the SDP610 is designed for a tube connection. Shared features include no offset, zero drift, hysteresis free, a digital I²C output accuracy of less than 0.04% full-scale near zero, and a measurement range of ±500 Pa / ±5 mbar / ±2 inch water.

Sensirion Inc.
Westlake Village, CA
[email protected]

Pressure Switch, Transmitter, And Display Come In One Package

Integrating the switch, transmitter and display in a single unit, SICK’s PBS pressure switch suits general industrial applications such as machine and plant engineering, in machine tool systems, in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, for pressure monitoring and control, and for pumps and compressors. A standard configuration provides two switching outputs (PNP or NPN) and configurations are available with one or two switching points and an analog output signal (4 to 20 mA or 0 to10 V) as well as with IO-Link. Pressure measurement ranges span from 0 to 1 bar and up to 600 bar. The zero point can be adjusted within a span of +3% of the measurement range.

SICK, Inc.
Stoughton, MA
[email protected]

Mini Pressure Sensors Increase Media Compatibility

In addition to packing a digital I²C bus interface, Sensortechnics HMI pressure sensors rely on a special internal construction to achieve greater media compatibility on one pressure port to measure liquids and gases. The piezoresistive sensors measure differential and gage pressures from 100 mbar up to 10 bar full scale. Specs include Total Error Bands (TEB) better than ±1.5 %FSS over a temperature range of -20°C to +85°C, 5V and 3V versions, and compact SIL and DIP housings with a selection of pressure ports for tubing connection or manifold mounting.


Sensortechnics Inc.
Mansfield, MA
[email protected]

Pressure Sensor Sports Easy-to-Read Display

Even its smallest units measuring down to 28 mm x 28 mm x 29 mm, Omron’s E8F2 digital pressure sensors are easily read at a glance via their bright, clear LED displays. Both NPN and PNP 1V-to-5V linear output models are available. Pressure ranges include 0 to 100 kPa and 0 to 1 MPa (positive pressure), and 0 to -101 kPa (negative pressure).

Other features include a power supply voltage of 12 to 24 Vdc ±10% with a ripple (p-p) of 10% maximum, current consumption of 70 mA maximum, repeat accuracy (ON/OFF output) of ±1%FS maximum, a display accuracy of ±3% FS±1 digit, and an operating temperature range from 0°C to +55°C.

OMRON Industrial Automation
Schaumburg IL

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