Pressure Sensor Groomed For Extended Temperature Apps

Bourns expands its line of environmental sensors to include the Model BPS140 pressure sensors, based on MEMS technology. Designed to deliver high sensitivity/accuracy and long-term reliability, the new BPS140 pressure sensors offer extended temperature capability and certain harsh media compatibility.

The sensor handles pressure ranges from 15 to 500 psi, even at high temperatures. Its structure is combined with backside pressure measurement that minimizes the number of media-sensitive wetted materials. The purpose of this backside sensing design is to ensure the measured media only touches the backside of the measurement element.

Other features include a Total Error Band of 2.5 % FS over a temperature range of –40°C to +150°C (Six-Sigma process), and a lifetime drift of 0.5% FS. For more info, checkout the Model BPS140 datasheet. Also take a look at the entire BPS line of pressure sensors.

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