Pressure Sensor Eyes Aircraft Liquid/Gas Monitoring Jobs

Pressure Sensor Eyes Aircraft Liquid/Gas Monitoring Jobs
Fluid Components Intl. (FCI) LLC

Groomed for monitoring fuel, hydraulics, coolant systems, and lubrication, the AS-PT pressure sensor series features a rugged and reliable design that suits mission-critical commercial and military aircraft liquid/gas fluid monitoring systems. Depending on the fluid pressure application requirements, the pressure sensors are designed with either thin film sputtered deposition strain-gage or variable capacitive ceramic sensing technologies. The strain-gage elements are directly welded to the pressure port and capacitive elements are sealed to the housing via an O-ring. The ceramic capacitive configuration sensor measures pressure from 0 to 35 bar (a) and the thin film resistive configuration sensor measures pressure from 0 to 800 bar (a). Both sensor types are leak-proof and accurate to 0.25% of full scale (BFSL). Long term stability is 0.1% of FS maximum per year and response time is 10 ms maximum at T63. Burst pressure is up to 4 times the pressure range. For more data and specs, go to  

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