Pressure Sensor Basks In Extremely Corrosive Environments

Pressure Sensor Basks In Extremely Corrosive Environments
Measurement Specialties Inc.

Expanding the 154 Series media-isolated, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors, the backside compensated 154B resides in a 316L stainless steel package as standard and is also available in an ASTM Grade 2 CP titanium housing for exceptionally harsh environments. The headerless design of the 154B enables a low-cost solution for low-pressure applications where the silicon die is attached upside down-directly to the module. Standard ranges are 0 psi to 15 psi up to 0 psi to 300 psi in gage reference format as well as from 0 bar to 7 bar up to 0 bar to 28 bar in absolute reference. The sensor features a pressure non-linearity of ±0.3% span with an overload pressure up to 500 psi and a burst pressure up to 600 psi. The unit’s temperature range spans from -20°C to +85°C and has a typical zero pressure output of 100 mV. A datasheet is available at

Measurement Specialties Inc.
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