Pressure Sensitive Technology Makes Smartphones Even More Engageable

If you think people are hyper-absorbed in their mobile phones now, just wait, the “best” is yet to come as UK-based Peratech, a provider of pressure-based technologies, unleashes its Quantum Tunneling Composite pressure-sensitive sensors. These sensors are being used to create two joysticks in SUPENTA’s Flitchio smartphone case that features an integrated game controller. In essence, users will now have two shoulder buttons and two ultrathin joysticks on the back surface of their smartphone case.

Flitchio smartphone case employs Quantum Tunneling Composite pressure-sensitive sensors on the rear that perform as joysticks for mobile gaming.

This will enable users to play games using the joysticks on the rear of the phone and the two buttons on the side, rather than using the touchscreen where gameplay is also displayed. Here’s how the technology works.

A Flitchio case snaps onto and phone and links with it in moments via near field communication (NFC), protocols that allow smartphones and to communicate with the controller, joysticks, and buttons on the case. Preinstalled games or those downloaded as apps are playable/controllable via the buttons and joysticks. The case was initially tailored for use with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. SUPENTA, the maker of the Flitchio case, will be making cases for other smartphones soon.

Peratech's CEO Jon Stark describes the pressure-sensing technology at play here. "QTC technology has been used to provide touch sensitivity for mobile phones before but this is the first time that someone has created a QTC-based product that uses the back of a device.  SUPENTA did a great job designing a control in which your fingers fall naturally onto the joysticks. It takes only a few moments to become used to using fingers on the back of the case to control the action.  It's a totally intuitive device for natural hand-eye coordination and a perfect example of QTC technology enabling user experience innovations."

Dr. Amir Shadmand, CEO of SUPENTA, amplifies, "Peratech enabled us to solve our challenges of making the joysticks sensitive, accurate and thin so that they fitted into a normal thickness smartphone case.  In addition, QTC technology is extremely efficient, using hardly any current, so we can power our system wirelessly just with the NFC antennas in the smartphone.  Peratech worked closely with us to help with sensor design and integration.  The result is a world's first and a real game changer."

So there you have it. Next time someone who is totally absorbed and comatose by playing games on their smartphone collides with you on the street, don’t get angry. Ask what game they were playing and challenge them to a round or two. Loser pays the hospital bill. ~MD

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