Pressure Modules from Crystal Engineering

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Crystal Engineering

Crystal Engineering, San Luis Obispo, CA, has added new pressure modules with ranges of 15,000 psi, 100 MPa, 1000 bar, and 1000 kg/cm2 for use with its nVision reference recorder. The modules have a 1 year accuracy specification of 0.1% of reading with digital temperature compensation from –20°C to 50°C and are supplied with an ISO 17025 NIST-traceable calibration certificate. The intrinsically safe, IP67-rated reference recorder can record 500,000 data points of temperature, pressure, current, or voltage at 10 readings/s with up to 0.025% of reading accuracy. Applications include oil and natural gas, offshore drilling, oil refineries, gas distribution, power generation, nuclear power, wastewater, manufacturing, aerospace, and aircraft maintenance.

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