Press-Fit Reed Sensor Requires No Installation Accessories

Press-Fit Reed Sensor Requires No Installation Accessories
Littelfuse Inc.

The 59040 Series press-fit reed sensor is the company’s first Firecracker reed sensor with crush ribs on the capsule that requires no attachment accessories for installation. Magnetically operated, the sensor press-fits securely into a 3/8” (9.5-mm) diameter hole. Its enhanced sensitivity allows for a wider air-gap between the sensor and its matching 57040 actuator. Three contact options are available: normally open, normally closed, and change-over contacts. The sensor is UL recognized and offers switching capability up to 200 Vdc/140 Vac at 10 W/VA. A range of sensitivity and cable length options are available.

Littelfuse Inc.
Chicago, IL 60631

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Company: Littelfuse Inc.
Country: United States (USA)

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