Presenting "TELEPATHY JUMPER," a wearable device that alters how people communicate by sharing experiences

TOKYO -- Telepathy Inc. (CEO Kenichi Suzuki) released information about "Telepathy Jumper," a wearable device that changes how people communicate by sharing experiences.

"Telepathy Jumper" is a new eyewear type of wearable device that is used while it's hung around the neck. Normally it's hung around the neck and when necessary the device can be worn in front of the eye, for continued use an attachment could be used to secure it on eyeglasses or the head. It comprises three components that can be easily customized:

1. Device module with the world's highest-level display resolution and brightness, camera, microphone and sensors.
2. Power unit that comprises of large capacity battery and Bluetooth remote control.
3. Flexible fitting that can be adapted to be used in various occasions.

"Telepathy Jumper" for the consumers is planned to come with two applications, "Eye Connect" and "Talent Buzz."

"Eye Connect" is a function that allows easy one click sharing of each other's field of vision. "Talent Buzz" is a co-creation platform sharing each other's knowledge, skill and experience during free time. Device will run on Android OS making it easy for the users to develop application in the Android environment.

The software for devices to be used in enterprises, factories, distribution, department stores, hospitals etc. will be developed in partnership with System Integration partners.

"Telepathy Jumper" is now accepting registration for developer version. Projected to launch the enterprise device in March 2015 and the consumer device to go on sale in the summer of 2015.

Details of Telepathy Jumper

Wearable display has high display performance that has clear visual even under the strong summer sunlight. The images and data could be seen clearly even under natural outside lighting the device could be used in everyday situations inside or outside. The device clearly displays information and words for task data and manuals because it boasts a high definition qHD resolution.

In order to recreate the wearer's actual experience more vividly, 5 megapixel image sensor and noise canceling function that precisely picks up the wearer's voice regardless of the ambient sound are both on board.

Furthermore, motion sense core, which controls accelerometer, gyro, geomagnetism sensor, are all on board. These sensors allows for effective collection and analysis of information necessary to create application to make "Telepathy Jumper" more fun, convenient, and pleasurable to use.

Power Unit

Based on user feedback 1,000mAh large capacity battery is on board, defying conventional notion of wearable devices, allowing long period of business or daily use. There is a Bluetooth remote control with a switch that allows for a simple and precise operation regardless of the outside environment or the user's condition.

Flexible Fitting

We developed a unique flexible structure that allows for wear and use in various situations. Flexible fitting is possible by adding an attachment part depending on the use.

Product specs and other info are available at

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