Precision Motion Platform Handles Velocities Up To 900 mm/s

Precision Motion Platform Handles Velocities Up To 900 mm/s
Griffin Motion

The LM3 Series 300-mm-travel precision linear motion platform promises high duty cycles and long-life precision performance in inspection, scanning, optical positioning, and laser marking and machining applications. The linear motor stages exhibit an accuracy of 15 µm, repeatability of 1 µm, flatness of 5 µm, and a straightness of 5 µm with regard to travel. Additionally, they attain linear velocities up to 900 mm/s, said to be ideal for factory automation and semiconductor processing equipment. Additional features include ironless linear servomotors, recirculating ball linear ways, hard coverings complete with side seals, a 0.1 µm linear SS scale encoder, optical limit switches with home, and integrated cable management. The series can also be stacked to create XY motion. For more information, visit

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