Powerstar: New Star Powers Energy Savings Across Americas

SHEFFIELD, England --- Powerstar USA, the newly launched Americas office of leading international energy storage and voltage optimisation brand Powerstar, has recently expanded operations across the whole of North and South America. Working in collaboration with a range of approved distributors, Powerstar USA will continue to deliver Powerstar's concept to completion range of solutions from the company's head office in Riveria Beach, Florida. Powerstar's solutions have also received a significant fillip after being successfully tested under laboratory conditions by American Electric Power (AEP) at the renowned Dolan Research centre in Ohio.

Distinguished as a market leader in voltage optimisation technologies, Powerstar welcomes opportunities for its systems to be independently tested and verified. The process not only allows savings to be indisputably highlighted but also enables the company to accurately showcase the correct applications for voltage optimisation and dispel any misconceptions surrounding the technology.

By using compressors and pumps at the required load, the AEP report showed using a Powerstar voltage optimisation solution resulted in 6.7 percent energy savings at a 15V reduction, with the time to achieve the same output from the same conditions also reduced.

The report has confirmed running equipment using the patented Powerstar solution not only reduces energy consumption but also improves the effectiveness of machinery.



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