PowerbyProxi Intros Wireless Power Evaluation Kits

CINCINNATI, OH -- Industrial designers, engineers and manufacturers in industries that employ machinery with rotating parts such as wind turbines, radar and heavy machinery now have a new way to avoid critical downtime that occurs from failed electrical and mechanical connectors. Mechanical slip rings, through-hole slip rings and high-current slip rings often limit designers' and manufacturers' ability to power systems in wet, dirty or hostile conditions which involve vibration and 360 degree movement. PowerbyProxi, a provider of high-efficiency, industrial wireless power solutions, today announces the availability of evaluation kits to measure the benefits of replacing traditional electrical components and electrical connectors in difficult to access or challenging operational environments with wireless slip rings and connectors.

Fady Mishriki, Vice President of Applications for PowerbyProxi says "The conventional approach of using a mechanical slip ring to transfer power and data can be problematic, expensive and unreliable. By eliminating friction-based connection failures, wireless power transfer can reduce operation and maintenance costs, preserve data continuity, and free designers to create innovative solutions."

PowerbyProxi's industrial wireless power solutions provide highly efficient transfer of power and data across short distances through inductive power transfer. Proxi-Ring is a frictionless, contactless slip ring, which supplies wireless power to rotating, highly mobile industrial equipment. This solution is an electrical device with no moving parts or friction-based components. Proxi-Ring enables complete freedom of movement (360° continuous rotation) across rotary joints, unlimited RPM and no need for lubrication and cooling. Proxi-Ring solutions include replacements for through-hole slip rings, and other wired electrical connectors. The components can be manufactured for easy "plug and play" replacement of existing mechanical slip ring components.

PowerbyProxi's Proxi-Wave technology is unique in its ability to cater for the demands of variable load operating environments and overcomes the limitations of earlier generations of Inductive Power solutions that suffered from excessive heat generation.

For more information on Proxi-Ring evaluation kits to replace wired electrical connections, slip rings and through-hole slip rings, see www.powerbyproxi.com/kits.

About PowerbyProxi
PowerbyProxi is the global leader in high-efficiency, industrial wireless power solutions for wet, dirty and moving applications. PowerbyProxi's technology overcomes the constraints of power cables and mechanical components, which can stifle design innovation and increase maintenance costs in wet, dirty environments and in moving applications with moving parts.

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