Power Supplies Get An “A” For Efficiency


RECOM's latest 15W and 20W ac/dc power supplies target low-power IoT and household applications and tout high-efficiency over a wide load range and minimal standby power consumption. The RAC15-K and RAC20-K Series are PCB-mount ac/dc modules. Below 75 mW, they have no load power consumption, making them desirable for the always-on and standby mode operations needed for IoT and smart home devices. The supplies deliver 15W or 20W of power in a modular 2 in. x 1 in. case size.


Other shared features include a universal input voltage range of 85 Vac to 264 Vac, international safety certifications for industrial, AV (audio/video) and ITE (IT-Equipment) as well as household standards, an operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C, and fully protected 5-Vdc single outputs. Additionally, the supplies meet EMC class B far below the limits without the need for any external components.

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For more information, checkout the RAC15-K and RAC20-K datasheets and/or visit RECOM.

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