Power Rail Probes Tackle Measurement Challenges

Tektronix launches the TPR1000 and TPR4000 power rail probes that combine with the 12-bit 5 or 6 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscopes. The probes are supported by a complete set of connectors for small, difficult-to-access test points helping to reduce connection frustration Power rail measurement challenges include:

  • Noise from the oscilloscope and probe is indistinguishable from the noise and ripple of your DC supply
  • Oscilloscopes often don’t have enough offset to shift DC rails onto the display
  • Low-impedance probes can load down a power rail – changing the way it performs.  But high-impedance, high-attenuation probes tend to be noisy.  The perfect probe would present high resistance to DC but 50 ohms for AC
  • Probes may not have sufficient bandwidth to see GHz noise that can affect high-speed drivers


Addressing these issues, the TPR1000 and TPR4000 power rail probes address measure the noise well below a millivolt.  The probes offer up to 60V offset, 1V dynamic range, and up to 4 GHz of bandwidth.

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Connection options include:

  • Various solder-in tips offer reliable access to hard to reach, sensitive signals with optimal signal resolution at up to 4GHz
  • For connecting to test points, SMA, MMCX, U.FL and square pins are included
  • An optional handheld browser makes quick measurements up to 1 GHz


Available in late March, the 1 GHz TPR1000 and 4 GHz TPR4000 single-ended power rail probes with the TPR4KIT accessory kit are priced at $4,000 and $6,000, respectively. For more details, download a datasheet.

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