Power Quality Meter Enlists Synchrophasors

Power Quality Meter Enlists Synchrophasors

The popular SEL-735 power quality and revenue meter employs synchrophasors, enabling users to collect real-time measurements from every SEL-735 meter across their systems. They can use synchrophasor data to perform wide-area control, validate system models, determine stability margins, maximize stable system loading, detect islanding, record system-wide disturbances and visualize dynamic system responses. The meter supports the latest version of the synchrophasor standard, IEEE C37.118-2011 (as amended by IEEE C37.118.1a-2014) Class P, making it suitable for applications requiring fast response times under dynamic conditions. When used as a phasor measurement unit (PMU), it provides synchrophasor data for frequency, phase, positive sequence components, four user-defined analog quantities and 14 digital status bits. The SEL-735 equipped with an Ethernet port and synchrophasor functionality is priced at $1,575. For more information, visit http://www.selinc.com/p229  

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