Power Modules Exploit Upside-Down C-SAM System

Power Modules Exploit Upside-Down C-SAM System

Sonoscan debuts its latest D9600Z C-SAM systems that claim to simplify the imaging of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power modules. To make good on that claim, the systems employ the company’s WaterPlume transducer that scans through the heat sink from the bottom of the module. Ultrasound pulsed into the heat sink also images ceramic plates (rafts) above the heat sink and the die attachments near the top of the module. The D9600Z has an option for two transducers that operate simultaneously. Each transducer couples with the surface of the heat sink by a constant stream of upward-flowing water that touches only the heat sink. Integral air knives dry the heat sink after scanning. Additionally, the D9600Z stage comes with various plates that hold common IGBT module configurations and operation is fully automatic.

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