Power Meter Delivers 125 ksamples/s


LASER COMPONENTS’ offers the OP740 power meter from OptoTest. Offering a high-speed solution for measuring the power of optical fibers from multiple channels, the unit makes it possible to measure up to 125,000 samples per second with up to twenty-four fibers. In contrast to other systems, a separate, independent measuring unit is used for each fiber. Relative measuring accuracy is ±0.02 dB.


Depending on the application, the OP740 is available with four to twenty-four ports per U2 rack. It can be optionally equipped with silicon (400 nm - 1100 nm) or InGaAs detectors (830 nm - 1700 nm). Its four-color touchscreen display allows the user to display the measurement results in real time and to choose how many channels are displayed. Several pass/fail measurements can be performed simultaneously without additional software. The color coding provides information about the performance of the overall system. The threshold values are defined by the user. For more information, peruse the OP740 datasheet.