Power Manager Keeps A Low Profile In Wearable Devices

Power Manager Keeps A Low Profile In Wearable Devices
ams AG

The AS3701 integrated power management unit features a 2 mm x 2 mm x 0.4 mm footprint in a chip-scale package (WL-CSP) for use in wearables and other space-constrained devices. Multiple power rails include two 200-mA LDOs, a 500-mA step-down dc/dc converter and two 40-mA maximum programmable current sinks. The synchronous step-down (buck) converter, which switches at high frequencies up to 4MHz, requires just a small inductor and a 10-µF output capacitor. Other features include a one-time programmable boot sequence, battery temperature monitoring, power-on reset, and over-current protection. Price is $0.82 each/1,000. For samples and for technical information, go to http://www.ams.com/PMIC/AS3701

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