Power Management/Control System Is Reliable And Secure

Power Management/Control System Is Reliable And Secure
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc.

Promising reliability and secure operation, the company’s latest microgrid control system allows seamless integration of distributed energy resources to maintain uninterrupted power to critical loads. It relies on a powerful microgrid controller that is able to respond to external data, such as real-time pricing signals and fast-changing system dynamics. This capability enables the microgrid controller to optimize the system configuration based on the system user’s priorities and real-time data. Priorities can be assigned to various user-defined scenarios, like economic dispatch, carbon footprint minimization, renewable integration and system resiliency. The deterministic controller can operate in as little as half a cycle, allowing it to reliably balance load with available generation. For more details and specs, visit http://www.selinc.com/p231  

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