Power Electronics Resource for Placing GaN “At the Heart of Your System”

OTTAWA, Ontario --- GaN Systems launches the electronics industry’s first online portal and newsroom solely focused on GaN power innovation that keeps power design engineers up-to-date with respect to GaN innovations, and designing GaN transistors into electronic systems. Now power industry professionals have access to a central repository that contains press releases, videos, articles, newsletters, market dynamics and other resources about GaN transistors and GaN innovations. The easily searchable and shareable content also is organized conveniently by consumer, industrial, datacenter, transportation, and space / hi-rel market segments. The site is a blend of content collated from GaN Systems, 3rd party publications, research groups, and other GaN-focused manufacturers and opinion-leaders. As an added benefit, visitors may also subscribe to the At the Heart of Your System newsletter. This monthly newsletter contains timely information about GaN Systems, industry-wide developments, and links to GaN-related content.

GaN devices are power transistors that impart performance benefits to electronic systems by markedly increasing efficiency while reducing power consumption, size and weight. By designing systems that replace IGBTs and MOSFETs with GaN transistors, designers have unleashed new levels of power efficiency and maximized system performance. In recognition of the critical role that GaN transistors serve in enhancing system performance, GaN Systems proclaims that GaN is “At the Heart of Your System.”

The resource is available at http://www.gannewsroom.com  

For more details, visit http://www.gansystems.com


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