POWER CAGE CLAMP Expands Mounting Options

POWER CAGE CLAMP Expands Mounting Options
WAGO Corp.

The latest inception of Wago’s popular POWER CAGE CLAMP connector technology supports up to 350 kcmil conductors and offers direct panel mounting. It provides established features such as being maintenance-free, vibration-proof, and enabling fast, hands-free wiring. Said to be unique, separate side entry jumper slots leave wire entryway unhindered and able to accommodate the maximum wire size possible. In addition, the POWER CAGE CLAMP block accepts either the WMB markers or the company’s multi-line continuous strip that can be printed on. Other features include power handling up to 310A and 1 kV.

WAGO Corp.
Germantown, WI
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Company: WAGO Corp.
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