Power Analyzer Ogles As Many As Six Phases

Power Analyzer Ogles As Many As Six Phases

The Power Spectral Converter PC11 power analyzer is available in three-, four-, or six-phase versions and delivers readings with either 0.08 % or 0.02 % accuracy. It comes without a display and therefore turns the user’s computer into a power analyzer running on the PC11 software. Features include a bandwidth of dc to 2 MHz, wide current inputs, an 18-bit measurement resolution, and the ability to calculate all quantities of power electronics including motor- and transformer values. Moreover, the instrument is easily upgraded due to a modular design. A high-speed data-acquisition application is available for production testing of 12 or more single-phase units. A datasheet is available at http://cdn.pressebox.de/a/e0a820523624b6be/attachments/0866372.attachment/filename/PC11_Datasheet.pdf  

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