Position Sensors Feature Shaft Protection

LWX-002 Series position sensor
Novotechnik U.S., Inc.

Reliable for use under extreme conditions, the LWX-002 Series position sensor includes protection over its range of motion with an SS304 alloy, 0.9 mm thick stainless steel shield.
The shaft-protected sensors employ a patented differential pressure compensation system to compensate for the pump effect, the pressure that builds up due to push-rod movement.
They also feature backlash-free pivot heads for easy mounting and ±12.5% free movement.
Specifications include operation with shock to 50g and vibration to 20g, stroke lengths from 50 mm to 750 mm, linearity to 0.04%, life to 50 million operations, and repeatability of 0.01 mm. A datasheet is available at http://www.novotechnik.com/pdfs/LWX_e_Serie_002_2010_02.pdf  

Novotechnik US, Inc.
Southborough, MA

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