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Kaman Precision Products

Kaman Precision Products | Measuring, Middletown, CT, offers a line of high-precision, noncontact, inductive-based displacement sensing systems that operate from –320°F to 1000°F continuous and up to 1200°F short-term. The extreme sensing systems use a dual-coil sensor design to minimize thermal and radiation effects. Measurement quality is unaffected by most corrosive gases and liquids and most other environmental contaminants, including oil, dirt, radiation, and stray RF and magnetic fields. Sensors have sealed, all-laser-welded Inconel housings, use metal-jacketed, mineral-insulated cable, and work with the company's KDM-8200 family of signal conditioning electronics. Applications include measuring steam turbine shaft runout in nuclear power plants, research projects, high-temperature processing, and measuring shaft vibration/runout in rocket engine liquid fuel pumps.

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Company: Kaman Precision Products
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-552-6267

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