Portal Provides Reliable Lab Results With One Click

Greifensee, Switzerland --- Whether you have recently installed a brand new liquid dispenser or cherish a 10-year old balance that serves you day-in and day-out, taking a moment to consider the health of your lab equipment can pay real dividends in enhanced performance and accuracy. And when it’s time for a service call, METTLER TOLEDO is making it even easier to gain access to its worldwide network of more than 5,000 qualified balance technicians with its new dedicated web portal.

For simple weighing, formulation, piece-counting, and other sensitive lab protocols, daily accuracy checks only go so far to guarantee performance. Manufacturer guidelines are also typically not enough to ensure safe operating margins—particularly when taking a specific process into account. Annual or semi-annual calibration, even when not required by law, is one of the best ways to ensure reliable long-term performance.

The portal shows how calibration services help you run a leaner lab. The easy-to-read format allows you to directly request service and access regional contact information. Relevant educational materials on equipment servicing, including webinars and white papers, help you identify when service is recommended for best performance and equipment life.

In addition to maximizing productivity and helping to guarantee uptime, regular service will also offer you audit-proof documentation that your instruments perform accurately. You’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your equipment is doing the job it was meant to do in a way that complies with industry standards and government regulations.

To learn how good it feels to know your equipment is operating to specifications while minimizing internal recordkeeping efforts, access METTLER TOLEDO’s extensive global network of service technicians and online reference tools today.

Visit the lab at http://www.mt.com/labbalances-service

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