Portable Vibration Meter from Dytran Instruments

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Dytran Instruments Inc.

The Model 4190 from Dytran Instruments Inc., Chatsworth, CA, is a portable vibration meter for field testing accelerometers. It can be used with a handheld shaker for sensor validation. The vibration meter converts the vibration signal from a 10 mV/g or 100 mV/g IEPE accelerometer to the peak value of the vibration signals generated by these sensors. Features include a built-in power supply that provides 2 mA at 18 VDC; 2 rotary switches to let you choose between 10 or 100 mV/g accelerometer inputs and F.S. ranges of 2 g, 20 g, and 50 g; a large digital front panel meter; bias test switch; and an output jack to monitor the accelerometer output signal with an oscilloscope. Two replaceable 9 V batteries provide 10 hr. continuous operation.

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Company: Dytran Instruments Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 818-700-7818
Fax: 818-700-7880

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