Portable System Provides Reliable Power for Remote Apps

Portable System Provides Reliable Power for Remote Apps

Useable just about anywhere, the POW-R TOTE portable rechargeable lithium-ion power system measures 11.8" x 9.8" x 7.7" and delivers 12V with a 100-Ah capacity. The system resides in a heavy-duty, water-tight storm case and weighs 23 lbs. It comes with an Anderson SB50 Powerclaw connector or the company will configure-to-order other connectors and energy capacities to meet customers unique needs. Recharging the POW-R Tote is via an external 115V/240V AC adapter that plugs into any outlet. Specifications include voltage ratings of 16.8V maximum, 14.8V nominal, and 12V minimum, capacity of 100 Ah / 1.5 kWh, a continuous current of 40A, and a power of 600W. Price is $2,499 each. For more info, go to http://www.swe.com/powrtote.aspx  

Southwest Electronic Energy Group
Missouri City, TX


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