Portable Readout from Webster Instruments

Portable Readout from Webster Instruments
Webster Instruments
The HPM420 Series from Webster Instruments, Milwaukee, WI, is a handheld readout that features a 2-line display for simultaneous readings from 2 variable inputs for diagnostic measurements of flow, pressure, pressure differential, temperature, speed, current, or voltage. Other features include automatic sensor recognition, models with 4 or 6 inputs, and simultaneous measurement and data logging. The readout's data logging has a variable scanning rate of as low as 1 ms and memory for up to 250,000 readings. Once data have been collected, you can display the results or transmit them via RS-232 to Windows-compatible software for further processing.

Contact Info

Company: Webster Instruments
Phone number: 800-932-8378
Fax: 414-769-6591

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