Portable IR Thermometers from Land Instruments

Portable IR Thermometers from Land Instruments
Land Instruments International

Cyclops 100 and Cyclops 100B handheld IR thermometers from Land Instruments Intl., Dronfield, U.K., measure temperature from 550°C–3000°C and provide RS-232 serial communications. The Cyclops 100B also features Bluetooth wireless communications. The thermometers have a backlit external multifunction graphics panel that displays thermometer status and configuration as well as continuous, avg., peak, and valley temperatures. Field of view is 180:1 to 98% energy and operating waveband is 1.0 µm. The devices also feature advanced spectral filtering, extended emissivity compensation up to 1.20, and a choice of data logged outputs.

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Company: Land Instruments International
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: +44 (0)1246-417691

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