Portable IR Thermometer from Wahl Instruments

Portable IR Thermometer from Wahl Instruments
Wahl Instruments, Inc.

The Heat Spy DHS215XEL from Wahl Instruments Inc., Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, Asheville, NC, is a compact, handheld IR thermometer used to measure surface temperatures in applications such as NDT/quality, manufacturing process control, and plant/facilities maintenance. Features include adjustable emissivity, –50°C to 1000°C measurement range, on/off laser sighting, a distance-to-target ratio of 50:1, and an LCD. A Type K thermocouple ANSI mini-jack input is included. The unit holds and logs measurements to memory and can display min./max./avg./delta temperature. You can send data to a PC using the USB connection and software.

Contact Info

Company: Wahl Instruments, Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-421-2853
Fax: 828-658-0728

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