Portable Instrument Delivers Reliable 2D Measurements

HEIDENHAIN’s QUADRA-CHEK 2000 evaluation unit is designed for everyday measuring and metrology tasks in parts inspection applications.  Measuring point acquisition with the QUADRA-CHEK (QC) 2000 is reportedly quick, easy, and accurate when utilizing crosshairs or when used with optical edge detection on profile projectors, measuring microscopes and/or 2D measuring machines with up to three axes.


For complex and repetitive measuring tasks, the unit user can automatically record a measuring program and run it at any time. This digital readout keeps track of the presets, sequence of measurements, tolerances, and data-output commands. When the recorded measuring program is executed again, the instrument displays visual instructions relating to the features to be probed, thereby providing direct and repeatable guidance for the user. 


The QC 2000’s “Measure Magic” function makes measurement especially easy. This function uses the acquired measuring points to automatically select the matching geometry, enabling a high level of repeatability and significantly reducing measurement uncertainty.


All measurement results from the QUADRA-CHEK 2000 are graphically displayed on the unit’s 7-in. color touchscreen.  The integrated measurement report function makes it easy to create a report directly upon completion as a PDF or CSV file.  These measurement reports contain the measurement and tolerance results as well as additional information. For more details, checkout the QUADRA-CHEK 2000 page.

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