Portable Flowmeter from Dynasonics

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Dynasonics, a div. of Racine Federated Inc.

The DXN portable ultrasonic flowmeter and heat meter from Dynasonics, a div. of Racine Federated Inc., Racine, WI, automatically switches between transit-time and Doppler modes as needed. Features include 20 ms response times, a 7 in. full-color touchscreen, ability to store site-specific settings using plain text, and a software interface that adapts to your needs. The device is offered in a variety of kit configurations, ranging from a basic kit with two sets of transit time transducers, cabling, and a carrying case to a complete kit that includes transit time and Doppler transducers, an RTD, and a wall thickness gauge.

Contact Info

Company: Dynasonics, a div. of Racine Federated Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-535-3569
Fax: 262-639-2267

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