Portable Diagnostic Unit from HYDAC

Portable Diagnostic Unit from HYDAC

The HMG 3000 from HYDAC USA, Bethlehem, PA, is a handheld portable unit for measuring jobs in hydraulic and pneumatic systems during commissioning, service, maintenance, troubleshooting, or in test labs. The device lets you record up to 10 sensor signals at the same time and features a 3.5 in. graphic display; 2 digital inputs; analog input ranges of 4–20 mA, 0–20 mA, 0–10 V, 0–50 v, ±10 V; and measuring rates of 0.5 ms for all analog channels and 0.1 ms for channels A and B for measuring pressure spikes. The unit includes 64 MB of memory, a USB interface, and a serial interface.

Contact Info

Company: HYDAC USA
Phone number: 877-404-9322

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