Portable Accelerometer Calibrator from VIP Sensors

Portable Accelerometer Calibrator from VIP Sensors
VIP Sensors
The Model 5900 from VIP Sensors, San Juan Capistrano, CA, is a portable accelerometer calibrator that measures and displays the output of piezoelectric, IEPE, and voltage accelerometer types when subjected to a known excitation. A built-in shaker and reference accelerometer provides a known vibration input signal. Vibration amplitude is adjustable from 0.02–2 g. You can use the internal oscillator (100 Hz) or an external oscillator (50 Hz to 2 kHz). Max. weight of accelerometer under test is 200 g for 1 g excitation.

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Company: VIP Sensors
Phone number: 949-429-3558
Fax: 949-528-0126

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