Popular Thermal Imaging Temperature Sensors Get An Upgrade

Popular Thermal Imaging Temperature Sensors Get An Upgrade
FLIR Systems Inc.

Upgrades to the company’s A35 and A65 thermal imaging temperature sensors for machine vision include a more robust design, new field-of-view options, and an extended operating temperature range. Reportedly, the A35 and A65 are the market’s only thermal imaging temperature sensors to provide temperature linear output through GenICam compliant software. Greater vibration specifications ensure the sensors survive harsher conditions. The cameras are available with 10 field-of-view options, from 8° up to 90°, allowing users to pinpoint a single target or monitor a large area. Prices start at $4,995 for the A35 and $7,895 for the A65. For more information, visit http://www.flir.com/automation

FLIR Systems Inc.
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