Popular Shunt Resistor Series Extends Current Range

Riedon expands its portfolio of precision current shunts to provide possibly one of the broadest ranges of current ratings available. Responding to increases in the output levels from renewable energy sources, higher capacity batteries that require shorter charging times, and the widespread electrification of heavy industry, the company’s latest shunt resistors enable accurate measurement and monitoring of high currents. Additions to the RCS, RSH, RSI, RSJ, RSL, and RSN series of precision shunt resistors optimize performance-value proposition at all points along the current measurement scale, from 1A to 10,000A, while offering enhanced measurement bandwidth at the desired operating current. A four point Kelvin connection ensures accuracy by decreasing the influence of terminations when measuring the voltage across the shunt. The low resistance values required for shunts, as low as 5-µΩ for the 10,000A 50-mV output RSL-10000-50, are achieved using Manganin resistive elements. These are manufactured to a standard tolerance of 0.25% with some series offering 0.1% options. Other options include 50-mV or 100-mV outputs and, where applicable, the resistors are mounted on Bakelite bases. For more info, go to http://riedon.com/resistors/current-sense


Riedon Inc.

Alhambra, CA




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