Popular Picoammeter Comes In 5-kV Version

RBD Instruments releases 5-kV version of its 9103 USB Picoammeter with increased dc-voltage isolation from chassis ground to 5000 volts (5 kV). Reportedly, this opens new possibilities for researchers such as direct dc-current measurement of very small electron and photo multiplier signals. Electron and ion beam measurements can be biased to reduce secondary electrons or to retard the beam as needed for experiments.


As an example of how high 5 kV is above ground, imagine that a meter is sitting on an average tabletop and that height represents 10V, which is as high as some Picoammeters can float above chassis or earth ground. The HV version 9103 would need to be mounted on the antenna on top of the Empire State building.

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Designed to provide accurate bipolar dc measurements in noisy environments such as synchrotron beam lines, the 9103 can measure from low picoamps to milliamps. The high-speed option increases the reads per second from 40 to over 500, which is fast enough to perform optical chopper experiments.


Actuel software included with the 9103 provides additional features for high speed acquisitions and display, but users can also write their own software to control the 9103 using the simple ASCII commands or in LabVIEW. For more information, visit RBD Instruments or call 541-330-0723.

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